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Sentiment analysis with PHP

PHP is easily one of the worlds most popular (web)scripting languages, right beside JavaScript, and functions as the backend language for billions of websites. Because a lot of web applications are deployed in a PHP-only environment, being able to do sentiment analysis from within PHP (and with text data flowing into your application from various sources) may be an absolute requirement for you. Fortunately the InterTextueel emotion recognition API allows you to do such sentiment analysis in real-time.

Emotion recognition

InterTextueel launches a new tool to recognize universal emotions in texts. The sentiment analysis service differs from traditional approaches which restrict search to positive or negative signals. Our emotion recognition software provides users with a more fine-grained idear of the mood of a text. Our methodology is knowledge-based and grammar-based and we are using intelligent techniques to detect false positives. Customers can deliver us their own text corpus or dataset and we will create new lexicons for them and fine-tune our algorithm to better match their specific domain and requirements.